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The Honorable Cochran-Johnson

  • I must commend you on your impressive work! Your heighten awareness and determination to lead
    DeKalb to a community of excellence is evident through your strong communication skills and
    needs assessments of the residents.  Your work speaks volume from visibility, to artifacts and
    continuous engagement.  Your CBS segment about the Dollar Stores is on point, but most
    importantly your passion to bring about change for all. 

    Renee Kelly
    District 7 Resident

  • Your invaluable leadership and vision have provided a tremendous reservoir of hope and potential
    for our citizens to engage in improving the quality of life in DeKalb County
    Commission District #3 and Super District 7.

    Marvin Toliver
    Spring Valley

  • Thank you for the passion and commitment by which you serve the people of DeKalb County!
    Your leadership makes it easier to remain a DeKalb County resident!

    S.E. Anderson
    District 7 Resident

  • We are grateful and blessed to have your vision and leadership as our Super District 7 DeKalb
    County Commissioner. Your priority to increase the effectiveness of code compliance has
    dramatically improved the overall image and aesthetics of the cleanliness of the Columbia Drive
    corridor. Prior to your Code Enforcement Community Forum at the Porter Sanford Performing Arts
    Center, these commercial properties were largely wantonly unkempt without respect for their lack of
    wholesome appearance in our community. Your expectations of ratcheted-up service delivery in
    code compliance is working and will hopefully become the standard for our community.  

    Marvin Tolliver

    Spring Valley

  • Commissioner Cochran-Johnson, I want to congratulate you on your new position with the Board of
    Commissioners. Based on what you have accomplished in your first term of office, I know you’ll
    make a terrific Deputy Presiding Officer. I also want to thank you for your courageous leadership on
    the Ethics issue. In my opinion, we should not hold the board appointment process “hostage” to
    other Ethics-related issues. I look forward to participating in the Charter Review Commission
    process and working with you in any way I can.

    Mary Hinkel

    DeKalb Resident

  • Congratulations, Commissioner Cochran-Johnson! Your election as Deputy Presiding Officer for
    2020 comes as no surprise!  You are talented, dedicated, gifted, a trailblazer for DeKalb County,
    honest, reliable, ethical, and I could go on and on with accolades!
    Keep up the EXCELLENT WORK!

    Cynthia Techtner

    District 7 Resident

  • I attended the Town Hall Meeting at the Porter Sanford Auditorium on Wednesday evening. Once
    again, I would like to thank you and commend you for your efforts and for keeping the community
    informed.  The information was detailed and very valuable. Please continue to support and protect
    the best interest and desires of your constituents. Your tireless work in our community is much
    needed and greatly appreciated

    Rita Hector
    District 7 Resident

  • It was a pleasure meeting you. I look forward to a sit-down discussion of the needs in my
    community. Love your heart, great compassion and commitment.
    Thanks for the invitation. So very glad I came.

    Linda Clark
    Peters Park Community

  • Commissioner Cochran thank you for getting the debris taken care of that was near my home.
    I had experienced way too much drama for such a small matter before you got involved. Again, thank you for taking care of
    this and i appreciate all the work you are doing in South Dekalb. Stay out of the politics
    and keep doing what you are doing!

    Piavazelle Chaney Jerome
    District 7 Resident

  • The trash has been picked up and the fellas were very kind. I like the new trucks. Also.
    Anthony it was good to see you at the meeting Monday. Lorraine i do appreciate your help with this matter.
    I suppose it would still be here if you had not intervened. I hope to see you at our HOA netting soon.

    Piavazelle Chaney Jerome
    District 7 Resident

  • Just wanted to say kudos for getting the discount store moratorium extension passed.
    For far too long, there have been way too many discount stores in our community. While a few are encouraged,
    there is no need for one every few blocks.

    Deborah Robinson
    DeKalb Resident

  • If we did not have a Commissioner such as you serving our community, we would have to live in an environment that is no different
    than a dump site. I might be wrong, but I would think most of these Code Enforcement Officers resides outside DeKalb or perhaps in the
    affluent areas of DeKalb. Nonetheless, they are hired by DeKalb County to do a job in DeKalb County.

    Cynthia Techtner
    District 7 Resident

  • I heard you speak on WABE this morning, and I wanted to thank you. As a doctoral nutrition scientist and homeowner in south DeKalb, I fully support your efforts to ensure that dollar stores do not further harm our communities through driving
    out healthy retailers and blighting our neighborhoods. I wish you continued success.

    Lucas Gosdin
    DeKalb Resident

  • I would like to use this opportunity to thank you for what has been done to date at the high accident area of Rays
    Rd and Norman Rd, in Stone Mountain (30083) community. The residents and I are grateful that the guardrails are now installed.
    We cannot thank Commissioner Cochran-Johnson, enough for her dedication, commitment, and follow up to ensure the residents of her
    community and of DeKalb are safe

    Sonia Anderson
    District 7 Resident

  • Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly! This is very helpful. Thanks again and thank you to both you
    and Commissioner Cochran-Johnson for your interest and support in election improvements.

    Betsy Schwalbach
    DeKalb Resident

  • Thank you so much for taking the time to read and respond to my email. I did receive a call that the
    lights were being inspected and I noticed that the holes have been filled and paved. I truly appreciate
    each of you and your concern for my safety as well as others and your efforts to rectify this situation

    Stacey Calvin
    District 7 Resident

  • I just want to say one more thing. Should Michael Thurmond decide to leave, please consider stepping
    up and running for CEO. From watching the tea leaves, I suspect that others on the BOC are considering
    a run; however, I think you have the best shot regardless of the fact that you may be the newest member.
    All most of us are looking for is someone who will pay attention, listen, and then do what they think is right.
    You do that well. Thank you for your service!

    Dr. Kathryn Rice
    DeKalb County Resident

    Proudly Representing Dekalb County Super District 7 Proudly Representing Dekalb County Super District 7 Proudly Representing Dekalb County Super District 7 Proudly Representing Dekalb County Super District 7 Proudly Representing Dekalb County Super District 7 Proudly Representing Dekalb County Super District 7 Proudly Representing Dekalb County Super District 7 Proudly Representing Dekalb County Super District 7

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